Tuesday, June 9, 2015

#4: How to listen -2

    When you practice listening, you might not as well think about its meanings. You may think it's odd because if we do not think about meanings we can't understand anything. But let's consider your native language. Do you think about its meanings? Of course you consider the meanings but precisely you consider what someone try to say rather than its meanings. Indeed, if you do not know the meaning of some words in your native language, you consult a dictionary, but in general it happens barely in your daily conversation.

    When we think about its meanings on your listening practice, what are we doing? What are we trying to do?

    It is translating. We are translating the second language into our native language.

    If you listen to the second language translating into your native language, you can never listen to the natural conversation. Of course you can listen to some extent but you will soon face some block. So if you listen to the second language naturally, you should not think about its meanings.

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