Friday, June 12, 2015

#5: How to listen -3

    It is often heard in Japan that 'if you just hear this English audio, you suddenly can listen to and understand English'. This hearing is called "KIKINAGASHI (聞き流し)" in Japanese. They say that if you just do "KIKINAGASHI", which means you just hear English a lot, you will come to listen to English.
    I have already had this experience. When I heard a lot of English, I could suddenly listen to and understand Englsih. It was amazing.

    Yes, surely it was amazing but now I know that if it occurs to you, you cannot listen to the English, especially the natural speed English which you listen to at first time.

    In my opinion, everybody can experience this amazing time, but you might as well remind this; it is only the halfway of your learning to listen.

   Then, how can we listen to and understand our second language? Well, now I know it's easy. Speak. Listen to your second language to some extent, then speak. Because if you do not speak your second language, maybe your brain do not recognize the sounds you hear as a language, I think.

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