Tuesday, June 23, 2015

#8: How to listen -6

    What is meaning. If you are asked "Write the meaning of this English word", what will you do? Maybe you might write your native language, for example the Japanese language. Or maybe you might gesture using your hands or else. What would you do?
    If you are the former, what you asked is not the meaning. If you are the latter, what you asked is nealy the meaning.
    There are various types of opinions, but in my point of view, meaning is what is before the language. I don't know how I should say in English, but meaning comes before the language. It is the feelings, the desires, the memories, the images, the reminds, the experiences something like that.
    What I am going to say is that when you practice listening, you might as well watch videos, movies, something like that kind of animation because the picture helps you to learn the meanings of languages. When you practice listening, you should not receive its meaning from your native language but from the pictures you watch.
    However, there is one thing that you should be careful of. If you are not used to the sounds of the language you learn, you should listen to the sounds without any animation at first till you are accustomed to the sounds. But it is another story, so I write this issue in other post.

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