Monday, July 13, 2015

#11: How to listen -9

    When you practice listening, you may say "Ah, I can't tell what this person is saying!" or " Um, I don't understand it" some thing like this.
    If you feel like this kind of being unable to understand something on listening practice, your attitude toward the sounds you hear is not appropriate. I repeatedly said this but if you feel like this kind of things, you will try to understand the sounds you hear in your native language or by using the area of your brain dealing with your native language.
    In my opinion, we should hear our second language in the new area of our brain in which it deals with non native language. Otherwise we would listen to the second language translating into our native language forever.
    So when you practice listening, you should not say "Ah, I can't tell! I can't understand it at all!". Just listen. Relax, do not think about meanings, and you have only to listen to the sounds as if you listen to the music or else.

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