Monday, July 20, 2015

#13: What to listen -2

    What kind level of the text should we choose in our listening practice. It is difficult to say which is the best because it depends on the learners' circumstances.
    For my part, I chose the intermediate level at first. I could understand the text when it comes to reading but could not when listening. At that time, I chose a text because of my listening level. If I had chosen a beginners' one, I could have understood the contents by listening but I would also have thought the meanings which I could not get. And if I had thought the meanings, I would have begun translating! I chose it because if I could not listen to and understand it at all, I could avoid thinking about the meanings and concentrate the sounds I heard.
    It might be odd to you that if we could not understand something, we could avoid thinking about the meanings, but being able to get the meanings to some extent we are more apt to try to grasp the meanings and translate it than being unable to get the contents.
   However, once again, it depends on the learners' situation and at what stage you are. If you have already been accustomed to the sounds you hear, you would be better to choose the beginners' level, but this is another story, so I will write it the next blog.

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