Friday, July 24, 2015

#14: What to listen -3

    What level should we choose in our listening practice. Last time I wrote we should choose intermediate level so that we can avoid translating. But if we are accustomed to the sounds we hear, we should listen to the text of something like a kids level. Easy one is good.
    This is because we use the sounds we hear for our speaking. If we choose the more difficult text, it is hard to become to be able to speak our second language, for the sentence of the more difficult one  is generally long and complex so it is tough to imitate those sentences. On the other hand, the sentence of the easier one is short and simple so we can imitate the sounds more easily and we can get the tip to start speaking our second language at least. To make more complex sentence, we have only to put together those simple sentences.
    The point is whether we can start speaking or not, so if we are once accustomed to the sounds we hear, we should choose the beginners' level for our listening text.

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