Wednesday, July 29, 2015

#15: What to listen -4

    What kind of speed should we choose in our listening practice. For my part, in the early times of my listening practice I listened to the text of the speed of about 150 wpm. I chose as fast a speed text as I can and sometimes I listened to the FOX NEWS TALK radio on the Internet because if I chose the text of the slow speed I try to think the meanings and also try to translate the sounds into Japanese.
    However, now I think that the speed of our text we choose is not so much important issue. The more important thing is whether the text contains the sounds of contraction. It is not the speed but the contractions to make our listening difficult.
    To avoid translating, we need to choose the text of the fast speed especially in our early period of our practicing, but once we can avoid such habits of translating we should pay more attention to that the sounds of the text have the contractions. In many cases when we feel a sound we hear fast, the reason is not so much the speed as the contraction.

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