Sunday, July 26, 2015

Book Quote Review -7


『英語勉強力』 青谷正妥著

    I agree with you on this point. Even if you do "KIKINAGASHI", which means listening a lot unconsciously, it never occurred to us that we are suddenly able to speak our second language.
    It is true that this practice have a good effect on our speaking accent, rhythm, or intonation, but we never begin to speak it, especially fluently or naturally. At least for my part I could not begin to speak English by doing "KIKINAGASHI".
    If we want to begin to speak our second language, we need to share the same world both in our listening and speaking. Surely if we were a child, to share the same world would be easy because our parents could make it possible but this is not the case. However, watching some broadcasting game such as Minecraft and then broadcasting your gaming, you can share the same world both in listening and speaking.

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