Thursday, July 30, 2015

Book Quote Review -8


『英語勉強力』 青谷正妥著

    I agree with you on this point. When I dictated the sounds of a listening text, I realized some mistakes of my listening. Here are the mistakes listed below:

☑and does →☒it is
☑as well as →☒as what is
☑learn the →☒learned
☑will →☒would
☑in →☒and
☑from any →☒from many
☑has →☒is

and so on ...

    OMG! But the important thing that you should remember is that if you take dictation you cannot correct these mistakes regrettably. There are various ways to correct these kind of mistakes, for example to know what we call liaison or contraction, or the way of top-down method, but you need more listening and speaking practice. In my opinion, especially speaking practice is the key to improve your listening skill.

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