Friday, August 7, 2015

#18: How to speak -2

    Shadowing, in which practice you repeat the sounds you hear in the few seconds later, is not speaking practice but something like a voice training. We can improve our accent, rhythm, and intonation by the practice but we cannot start speaking our second language no matter how much time we spend on it.
    When I did this practice, I had 4 steps as follows. The point is that I combined this practice with the practice of repeating and reading aloud.

1. Shadowing two times at least.(before I did this first step, I listened a lot and got used to the sounds.)
2. Repeating sentence one by one.
3. Reading aloud a passage(about 100 ~ 200 words) two or three times and check the accent, rhythm, and intonation. When we check the accent, rhythm, and intonation, we would be better to do the shadowing if necessary.
4. Reading aloud once again as a finish.

    What I wanted to do and what I could do in this practice was imitating. Imitating may be the most important role of the Shadowing. But of course whichever way we take, it is OK if you can imitate the sounds you hear, or you can echo the sounds you hear, and then you improve your accent, rhythm, and intonation. In fact, I have become to be able to echo the sounds by this practice, so I think Shadowing is effective for improving our accent, rhythm, and intonation.
    But there is one thing that we should remember. This practice is not effective for improving our pronunciation and for our speaking.

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