Wednesday, August 12, 2015

#20: How to speak -4

    The phrase "Repeat after me" is sometimes said by English teacher, and this repeating practice is useful for not only the improvement of our accent, rhythm, and intonation, but also our pronunciation. In this sense, I guess Repeating practice is superior to the Shadowing practice.
    I have been doing this practice. Especially I like repeating short sentences and words. Maybe I will write about how to increase our vocabulary but repeating words list one by one is one of my vocabulary building method.
    Repeating practice is useful especially for pronunciation practice like using IPA because being different for shadowing practice, we can make sure our voice. But we should remember one thing. We never start to speak our second language, no matter how much we repeat the language. Like shadowing, repeating practice is just a voice training. In other words this is something like a passive speaking I think. If we want to start speaking, we need active speaking training.

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