Monday, August 17, 2015

#21: How to speak -5

    Until I started speaking English, which was 3 months ago, I avoid reading as possible as I can. This is because I had the habit of translating especially when I read something, so I needed to avoid the letters.
    But since I do not have the habit and what is more important I can start talking, I have begun to read a book and that read a book aloud.
    As I begun to read aloud only recently, I can't tell whether this practice is useful or not, but maybe if we want to expand our vocabulary, reading aloud is useful I think.
    In my opinion, we should not read something unless we have listened a lot, can pronounce relatively correctly, avoid translating and start talking.
    Anyway, I can not talk about many things on this practice but at least I can say this. Even if you read something or read aloud something, you never start speaking.

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