Thursday, August 20, 2015

Book Quote Review -14

"英文を音読することで、本当にリスニング力が上がるのです。なぜだと思いますか? 実は、人には「発音ができる音は聴き取れるようになる」という言語能力が備わっているからです。"

『英語を学ぶのは40歳からがいい』 菊間ひろみ著

    This kind of way of saying is a little bit tricky, I think, because we wonder how you can tell the human ability of language.
    When I read these kind of books, which is about how to learn English, I often see these kind of sentences, but I always think "how do you know it! "
    However, if this writer says "My listening ability improved when I came to pronounce English properly." I can say "A-ha!" This is because I have also the feeling that my listening ability has improved when I had done the practice of reading aloud, repeating, shadowing, and speaking. In my opinion, this do not have to do with the pronunciation, but with whether we speak the language or not.

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