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Book Quote Review -21


『英語リーディングの科学』 卯城祐司著

    I agree with you on this point, and my reading level was also at this kind of level. This means I was not able to read something in English.
    Now my reading ability has improved. I think this is because I become to be able to start speaking English.

#29: How to speak -13

How do we deal with the grammar of our second language, especially when we speak it. In my opinion, we should forget the grammar of our second language because the grammar disturb our natural speaking. I have still thought about the grammar, especially tense, but it makes my speaking slow or stop, and sometimes makes me hesitate.
    Since I started recording the game of Minecraft in English, I suppose it is more important to be accustomed to the sound of English than the grammar. I should connect the sounds to the movement of my mind. Grammar seems to be something like a choice, presence, past, future or whatever, but maybe to speak something is not a choice but a stream. Grammar is something like a stone which disturb the stream of the movement of our mind.
    To tell the truth, I know most of the English grammar. Maybe I have mistaken about the grammar a lot in these blog post, but if someone point out, I can understand the most of indication. So it is not appropriate to say t…

Book Quote Review -20



    I agree with you on this point. I use monolingual dictionary on my vocabulary building. About vocabulary, I will refer to another post, but the point is the sounds of the words I think.

#28: How to speak -12

What will happen when we learn to be able to speak our second language. What is the difference from when we could not speak it. I think it is whether or not there is the feeling that we can start talking. When I started recording my #1 gaming video, I have already felt that I can start speaking. Of course I could not speak English fluently, but I have the feeling to start.
    In my opinion, I wonder if we cannot feel it when we speak something which we learn by heart. Speaking what we learn by heart is different from speaking something when we feel ourselves start speaking. What is this something? For my part, when I feel myself start it, I suppose I spoke what is sunk in my mind. So the thing is what is sunk in mind.

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Book Quote Review -19


『英語は動詞で生きている!』 晴山陽一著

    Really? Huh.... I don't know.

#27: How to speak -11

Sometimes I hear some language learners say "I don't have the subject which I am going to talk about". In my opinion, it is not that they do not have the subject which they are going to talk about, but that they have not had the common circumstances between on listening and on speaking. I think if we do not speak something in almost the same situation on our listening, we cannot speak our second language naturally. We need to share the same world in our listening and speaking. Are you facing the same world in your listening and speaking? For example, the subject I used for my listening practice was about pet tax, smoking, foreign workers, and so on. I could talk about these things if we tried but I do not see, hear, smell, or feel these so I cannot talk according to the movement of my mind. This is the situation that we do not have the subject which we are going to talk about.
    But here is the easy solution. Let's try to watch a lot of gaming videos and broadc…

Book Quote Review -18


『英語を35歳から必ずモノにする法』 井原奉明著

    I  agree with you on this point. But it is not possible that though we cannot listen to our second language, we can speak it. The converse is possible. However, when you can listen and cannot speak, your listening ability is limited, and your listening ability will improve if you start talking. In fact, recently I feel my listening ability or my listening quality has improved.

#26: How to speak -10

In my point of view, there are two types of speaking training. One is a passive speaking training, and the other is an active speaking training. A passive speaking training includes Reading Aloud, Reciting, Repeating, Shadowing. These practices have a common aspect that we trace something. On the other hand, in the active speaking such as broadcasting gaming, we do not trace something, but we speak according to the movement of our mind and we choose something. If we want to start talking, we need active speaking.
    At least, for my part, I could never start speaking by the passive training but I can by the active training.

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Book Quote Review -17


『英語を学ぶのは40歳からがいい』 菊間ひろみ著

    So do I. English English dictionary is especially useful for our increasing vocabulary, I think.

#25: How to speak -9

Before I came to start speaking English, I had tried several kinds of practice. For example, listening a lot, read aloud, shadowing, repeating, reciting (a little bit), conversation (a little bit), and dictation. The things which I used in these practice are the text of listening, movie, TV programs such as FRIENDS, various types of You Tube videos, audio book, and so on. But I could not start talking at all.
    It is true that I thought I could speak English a little bit, or if I learned by heart some sentences, I could speak it. However, since I start speaking English, I think that at that time I could not speak English at all. Yes, at all. If we speak a little bit, or be able to speak the language we learn by heart, it does not mean that we can talk.
    Maybe the people who come to start speaking the second language know what it is like to start speaking. Maybe they feel it. "Uh! I have started talking!" At least I felt something different from before when I start…

Book Quote Review -16


『英語を学ぶのは40歳からがいい』 菊間ひろみ著

    I agree with you on this point. But what does it means that it is necessary for us to understand English in English? In my opinion, we should consider what the meaning of meaning is. Maybe I referred to it before, but a meaning is our experience, our memory, our desire, our feeling, our reminder, our situation, and so on. If we are to understand English or our second language, we need combine the language, especially the sound of a language with these kind of a meaning. Not with Japanese or our native language.

#24: ☆How to speak -8☆

It is not difficult to start speaking your second language. You will need only two steps.

Step No.1: Watching a lot of gaming videos on You Tube.
Step No.2: Broadcasting your gaming by yourself.

That's it!
I recommend Minecraft game, but anything will do. So, let's try, and if you can start speaking your second language, please tell me or comment down below!

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