Tuesday, September 1, 2015

#25: How to speak -9

    Before I came to start speaking English, I had tried several kinds of practice. For example, listening a lot, read aloud, shadowing, repeating, reciting (a little bit), conversation (a little bit), and dictation. The things which I used in these practice are the text of listening, movie, TV programs such as FRIENDS, various types of You Tube videos, audio book, and so on. But I could not start talking at all.
    It is true that I thought I could speak English a little bit, or if I learned by heart some sentences, I could speak it. However, since I start speaking English, I think that at that time I could not speak English at all. Yes, at all. If we speak a little bit, or be able to speak the language we learn by heart, it does not mean that we can talk.
    Maybe the people who come to start speaking the second language know what it is like to start speaking. Maybe they feel it. "Uh! I have started talking!" At least I felt something different from before when I started speaking English. It was clear feeling.
    The way we start speaking our second language is written in the previous post. So let's check it out.

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