Monday, September 7, 2015

#27: How to speak -11

    Sometimes I hear some language learners say "I don't have the subject which I am going to talk about". In my opinion, it is not that they do not have the subject which they are going to talk about, but that they have not had the common circumstances between on listening and on speaking. I think if we do not speak something in almost the same situation on our listening, we cannot speak our second language naturally. We need to share the same world in our listening and speaking. Are you facing the same world in your listening and speaking? For example, the subject I used for my listening practice was about pet tax, smoking, foreign workers, and so on. I could talk about these things if we tried but I do not see, hear, smell, or feel these so I cannot talk according to the movement of my mind. This is the situation that we do not have the subject which we are going to talk about.
    But here is the easy solution. Let's try to watch a lot of gaming videos and broadcast your gaming in your second language.  You can imagine you are able to share the same world in your listening and speaking, can't you?
    This is the very core of ESPINMC method.

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