Monday, September 14, 2015

#29: How to speak -13

    How do we deal with the grammar of our second language, especially when we speak it. In my opinion, we should forget the grammar of our second language because the grammar disturb our natural speaking. I have still thought about the grammar, especially tense, but it makes my speaking slow or stop, and sometimes makes me hesitate.
    Since I started recording the game of Minecraft in English, I suppose it is more important to be accustomed to the sound of English than the grammar. I should connect the sounds to the movement of my mind. Grammar seems to be something like a choice, presence, past, future or whatever, but maybe to speak something is not a choice but a stream. Grammar is something like a stone which disturb the stream of the movement of our mind.
    To tell the truth, I know most of the English grammar. Maybe I have mistaken about the grammar a lot in these blog post, but if someone point out, I can understand the most of indication. So it is not appropriate to say this but I think we do not need to study the grammar because at least on speaking it disturbs our speaking.

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