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Book Quote Review -29


『習った英語はわすれろ!』 酒井一郎著

    I agree with you on this point. Take it easy, guys! This is the most important attitude in our learning language, and this attitude is more essential than we expected. If we lose the attitude, we will start to search meanings, translate into our native language, memorize, recall, and so on. All these things will disturb our speaking and listening. So yeah, take it easy!

Book Quote Review -28


『習った英語は忘れろ!』 酒井一郎著

    I agree with you on this point. For example, "translation" "memorization" "grammar", I suppose. Especially these things are interrupting me when I speak. Also when listening, I feel these things is a distraction. All these things make my response slow down.

Book Quote Review -27


『超速英語プログラム』 藤永丈司著

    I agree with you on this point. And in my opinion it is when we start speaking our second language that the synapse of our second language is made. But from that point we need a lot of practice of speaking. And also we need a lot of listening while we practice speaking. Maybe it is not too much to say that the learning of our second language starts from that point.

General Language Learning -1

If you are studying your second language, and if you are able to read the language but are not able to speak it well, you can start to speak your second language by the way bellow because I can (check it out on my YouTube channel ESPINMC where I am practicing my English speaking!).

1. Watching a lot of gaming videos like Minecraft on YouTube in your second language.
2. Broadcasting your gaming by yourself in your second language.

    In my Japanese blog I recommend this method to the University students in Japan. This is because my English level is nearly equal to them. I feel that if anyone who have the ability of the English close to my level try this method, they can start to speak English.
    However, of course there is no evidence but, I think if children who want to speak their second language try this method, maybe they can start to speak their second language more easily than us adult. I don't know because I have not try this method without any …

Book Quote Review -26


『超速英語プログラム』 藤永丈司著

    I agree with you on this point. And the main cause of this disturbing our learning is that the sounds of our native language is connected with the meanings, I think. So when we listen or read our second language and if there is some sentences which we cannot figure out, we may try to consider the meanings, but this consideration of the meanings will have drawn our native language because of the connection.

Book Quote Review -25


『竹岡広信の英語の頭に変わる勉強法』 竹岡広信著

    I agree with you on this point. And when we build our vocabulary, we don't need learn by heart the meanings. In Japan, the traditional way of expanding our vocabulary, for example in English learning, is to watch the spell and answer the meanings in Japanese, but I think we should learn the sound of word instead. And then, by listening a lot, or sometimes consulting the monolingual dictionary, we better to combine the sound to the meanings and grind the meaning little by little.