Friday, November 13, 2015

General Language Learning -1

    If you are studying your second language, and if you are able to read the language but are not able to speak it well, you can start to speak your second language by the way bellow because I can (check it out on my YouTube channel ESPINMC where I am practicing my English speaking!).

1. Watching a lot of gaming videos like Minecraft on YouTube in your second language.
2. Broadcasting your gaming by yourself in your second language.

    In my Japanese blog I recommend this method to the University students in Japan. This is because my English level is nearly equal to them. I feel that if anyone who have the ability of the English close to my level try this method, they can start to speak English.
    However, of course there is no evidence but, I think if children who want to speak their second language try this method, maybe they can start to speak their second language more easily than us adult. I don't know because I have not try this method without any knowledge of the language I learn but maybe they can do it.
    If you have kids, let's try!

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