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Book Quote Review -24


『竹岡広信の英語の頭に変わる勉強方法』 竹岡広信著

    When we build up our vocabulary, we need this kind of attitude and if we want grasp the image of a word, we would be better to read the all definitions of the word in monolingual dictionary. And then gradually we are going to grind the meaning of the word like a keen knife.

Book Quote Review -23


『英語リーディングの科学』 卯城祐司著

    I agree with you on this point. So if we learn our second language, we should not translate the second language into our native language, especially in the early time of our learning. And I think this depiction of something like image is quite important element of our understanding the language.

Book Quote Review -22


『英語リーディングの科学』 卯城祐司著

    I agree with you on this point. It may have something to do with the contention that when I practice listening, if I concentrate on a word by word, I cannot understand the meaning. So I think we need to be relax in our listening so as not to concentrate on a word so much. Maybe the process of understanding the meaning is much more complex than we expect.

#30 How To Speak -14

If you want to start your second language, we need the practice of pronunciation. Of course this is because we need to make us understood correctly, but, more important, if we can pronounce our second language relatively near the pronunciation of the native speaker, we are able to have something like confidence and become not to hesitate when we talk.
    I don't know but especially we Japanese have too much hesitation in speaking English. And this hesitation seems like to disturb our speaking. There is some elements in this hesitation but if we only practice the pronunciation of our second language, we can get rid of the hesitation to some extent.
    I practiced my pronunciation by Shadowing and now I have been practicing it by IPA videos on You Tube. Of course my pronunciation is not good but at least I don't have some hesitation when I speak English.

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