Sunday, March 13, 2016

B.Q.R. -33 『日本で一番親切な英語学習法』



    I agree with you on this point. Listening a lot, speaking or imitating what we have listened to, reading the letter of which we have already known the sound, and then writing. Why should we start our learning from listening? This is because we need to be accustomed to the sound and combine the sound with the meaning.
    It is difficult to refer to meaning itself. But the meaning will not come from translating but from over there, and if we get the meaning or if we try to get the meaning combined with the sound, we need picture. It is true that we need to be accustomed to the sound itself, so in the first place we should listen to something without picture. But if we listen to it to some extent, we should watch some videos.

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